10 micro-changes to kick-start a healthier you

balance be connect eat lift move Jan 05, 2019

“Design your life to minimize your reliance on willpower ” 

B.J. Fogg, Behavior Scientist, Stanford University

This is it. This is the year you will become more physically active. You will go to the gym five days a week and in six months you will be magically transformed into a thinner, happier, and more toned version of you. The fleshy additions of the holiday fun will magically melt away and you will take full control of your fitness…Sound familiar?

How about this year, instead of beating ourselves up with unattainable resolutions, we all practice a huge dose of self-compassion and start exactly where we are. Let’s keep the goals small, manageable, and sustainable.

I’m a huge fan of making small, steady changes to improve health. I know that this type of change, especially when matched to an existing habit, really works!

So, here are some realistic, “micro” but effective things you can do to get on the road to a healthier...

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