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With our amazingly simple-to-follow programs, the good news is that lifestyle changes don’t have to be "one more thing" in your already busy schedule! Small, manageable changes that fit into your daily routine can have a huge impact and are easier to stick to in the long run. We'll teach you how to take a "snack-size" approach.

Hey there,

I'm Kate, a 50 something Healthy Aging Specialist and Coach.

I'm light on the woo-woo and heavy on the science. My goal is to give you the keys to living an active, happy life where your health has a minimal impact on your day-to-day living, not just today, but in twenty, even thirty years from now.


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The program is outlined well, is very detailed, it will get you back up on your feet and moving, rocking and rolling just like you're back in your 30s. Kate, you're amazing.


Kate is awesome and amazing, and I couldn't recommend her enough!

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