Midlife Reset, Recharge & Reimagine Retreat - September 30-October 5, 2024

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Your escape

Reclaim yourself under the warm Portuguese sun at a transformative retreat designed for women in midlife. In beautiful Tavira, Portugal, create space for self-care, connect with a supportive community, and discover the secrets to midlife wellbeing with an expert in midlife health. Savour delicious Portuguese cuisine while exploring the connection between food and vitality. Unwind with optional paddleboarding, yoga, hiking, and meditation sessions designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul. 

The location

Wander through a labyrinth of cobbled streets, lined with houses adorned in traditional Portuguese tiles in beautiful Tavira.

Tavira is a feast for the senses. Breathe in the fresh air along the banks of the Gilão River, a ribbon of tranquility flowing through the heart of Tavira. Perhaps catch a glimpse of flamingos or other birds seeking refuge in the nearby Ria Formosa Natural Park, a protected haven for nature lovers. 

Tavira is a place where you can relax, explore, and savor life's simple pleasures. It's a hidden gem in the Algarve, waiting to be discovered by those who seek an authentic Portuguese experience. 

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"From the moment I met Kate she put me totally at ease. I felt completely heard and understood. I was delighted to find out how you can regain control of your life by breaking down those seemingly mountainous challenges into bite size molehills. My confidence has increased and my positive outlook on life returned. I am so grateful I had this opportunity to work with Kate."


“This program has been truly transformative. The confidence I’ve gained is invaluable. Thank you for empowering me with such valuable lessons.”


A Journey of Self-Discovery and Rejuvenation 

This transformative retreat in Tavira, Portugal, offers a perfect blend of self-care, expert guidance, and community support. Here's a glimpse into what awaits you: 


  • Personalized Consultation: A virtual session with our healthy aging specialist to understand your unique needs and goals, ensuring a truly customized experience. 

Day 1: Arrival and Welcome 

  • Warm Reception: Arrive in Tavira and settle in. Relax and unwind with refreshments and introductions. 
  • Unlocking Midlife Wellness: An introductory talk about key topics like menopause, weight management, and hormonal shifts. 
  • Welcome Dinner: Savor a delicious meal featuring fresh, local Portuguese cuisine, and enjoy getting to know your fellow retreat participants. 

Day 2: Reconnect with Your Body 

  • Gentle Yoga (OPTIONAL): Start the day with a restorative yoga session designed specifically for your changing midlife needs. 
  • Empowering Knowledge: A workshop on "Embracing Change in Midlife," equipping you with practical tools to navigate this journey in good health. 
  • Free Time for Exploration: Explore the charming town of Tavira, soak up the sunshine, or relax at the retreat center. 
  • Dinner and Community: Share stories, laughter, and connection over a delicious dinner, fostering a supportive community. 

Day 3: Nature's Embrace 

  • Scenic Hike (OPTIONAL): Embark on a guided hike through the stunning Portuguese countryside, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. 
  • Mind-Body Connection: Enjoy a guided meditation session to deepen your mindfulness and reconnect with your inner self. 
  • Relaxation and Renewal: Free time in the afternoon to unwind at the retreat center, indulge in an optional spa treatment, or connect with fellow participants. 
  • Fireside Chat: Delve into strategies and facilitated discussion for navigating your next chapter. 

Day 4: Self-Care Sanctuary 

  • Participate in a specifically designed "Move & Flow" session focused on improving strength, balance, and mobility. This low-impact class incorporates elements of yoga, Pilates, and functional movement to enhance your physical confidence.  
  • Workshop: Building Resilience From Within:** Learn practical strategies for building strength and resilience in your body and mind. This interactive workshop will cover topics like bone health, posture improvement, and maintaining a healthy range of motion. 
  • Free Time: Choose from optional activities like a personalized fitness consultation or a relaxing massage treatment (additional cost may apply).  
  • Evening Stretch & Relaxation: Conclude your day with a gentle yoga or stretching session to unwind and prepare for a restful night's sleep. 

Day 5:  

  • Reflective Journaling: Take time for introspection with a guided journaling session, processing your experiences and setting intentions. 
  • Optional Activities: Choose from relaxing spa treatments, paddleboarding, exploring local markets, or simply enjoying quiet time for self-reflection. 
  • Farewell Dinner: Celebrate the week's journey with a final dinner, sharing stories and strengthening the bonds of your newfound community. 

Day 6: Departure Day 

  • Closing Ceremony: Reflect on your transformative experience during a heartfelt closing ceremony filled with gratitude and connection. 
  • Farewell and Safe Travels: Enjoy a final lunch together before departing from Tavira, feeling empowered and ready to embrace the next chapter. 


The retreat offers a balance of physical activity, relaxation, cultural experiences, and informative sessions tailored to the health of midlife and older women. 

- All activities are optional, allowing guests to tailor their experience to their preferences and energy levels. 

- The retreat includes some meals highlighting local Portuguese cuisine and ingredients. 

- Qualified guides and instructors will lead all outdoor activities, ensuring safety and enjoyment for all participants. 

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Your coach

Kate Milne - Healthy Aging Specialist

Kate is a Healthy Aging Specialist, a Health Promoter, and a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. With a focus on promoting well-being in midlife and older women, she has established herself as a trusted authority in the field of female healthy aging.

Kate's career is dedicated to empowering women with actionable well-being strategies that improve the course of their second chapter. You can learn more about her background and experience on LinkedIn.


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