This spring, I'm opening up a limited number of spots to women who want a program and support tailored just for them. I'll help you move more, build strength, eat better, and reduce your stress with proven strategies backed by science.


Get ready to step into you

like you always knew you could.


Perimenopause is no walk in the park! With your hormones changing, it’s easy to feel like your body has gone haywire.

This is especially true if, like most women today, you don’t have a whole lot of time or resources to dedicate to navigating the challenges of fitting in healthy living – and you’re already exhausted!

Where do you even start – and then how do you find the time between juggling all your responsibilities without dropping the ball?



Does any of this

sound like you...

You're ready to go from:

⟡ Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, and putting yourself last.

⟡ Trying to take on a whole-scale change to healthy living

⟡ Having multiple things to juggle and remember (who wants to count macros anyway?)

⟡ Giving up on a program after just a few weeks because it doesn't work in your schedule or it's taking up way too much fo your time.

To start to:

TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH to build your strength, reduce stress, and make better choices and more – without feeling overwhelmed by it all

⟡ MAKE LIFESTYLE CHANGES EASY with a ‘snack sized’ approach to lifestyle changes that you can easily incorporate into your busy life from today

⟡ DISCOVER KINDER, MORE SELF-COMPASSIONATE STRATEGIES that make a powerful impact on your physical, emotional, mental, and social health and enhance your self-care

⟡ INVEST IN A HEALTHY FUTURE today with a program that gives you evidence-based changes that positively impact your health now and in the years to come

Client love


Wendy W.

"From the moment I met Kate she put me totally at ease. I felt completely heard and understood. I was delighted to find out how you can regain control of your life by breaking down those seemingly mountainous challenges into bite size molehills. My confidence has increased and my positive outlook on life returned. I am so grateful I had this opportunity to work with Kate."

Laura T.

"I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Kate each week, I really looked forward to it. The daily tracking was great for me, it heightened my awareness of what I was doing and how it affected my energy, mood and sleep. Tracking made me see what I was doing that was working for me and what wasn't."

private 1:1 coaching

You'll be the V.I.P. every step of the way

Midlife responsibilities are daunting – and the prospect of wholesale life change can be even more so, especially if time is at a premium! We'll work together remotely every week to make your time for healthy living strategic, with a "done-for-you" program. You'll get weekly support, guidance, and accountability to finally integrate movement, better eating, and stress reduction into your daily life. I take on a very limited number of private coaching clients every year to make sure that you remain the V.I.P.



group coaching program

Get personalized help, along with support from like-minded women.

Group coaching is an affordable way to get help and accountability with your new lifestyle changes with a supportive community of women who are experiencing the same things that you are.

Our group programs dig deeper into those issues that many women face in midlife; caregiving, peri-menopause, life transitions and more.


Makeover your Midlife

If you'd rather just follow a "done for you" program, we've got just the thing.

In SHIFT - Makeover your Midlife, I give you the EXACT process to improving your health, building your strength, improving your balance, lowering your stress boosting your confidence, and so much more. Join me for the most comprehensive midlife transformation available.


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