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Season 2

Anne-Marie has more than 25 years of experience in IT recruitment

After graduating in Management from Concordia University, her early years of experience in recruitment firms led her to open her own agency and, eventually, the path to entrepreneurship.

In 1997, accompanied by a business partner, Louise Laniel, she founded the DELAN company. The two women, a rarity in a male-dominated industry, started their small business in the basement of Louise's house, between the armchairs, the TV and the storage spaces.

Since then, DELAN has only expanded. The company grew through the first corporate placement in May 1997, through the madness around the year 2000 bug, the fall of Dotcom and a takeover in 2010!

Very attached to family values, Anne-Marie strives to make her team her second family. Moreover, after the retirement of Louise, Anne-Marie teamed up with her son, Jean-François Charpentier. Today, DELAN is more than a family business - it is more than 20 employees who bring their uniqueness, their ideas and their strengths to the company.

Involved in the community, Anne-Marie actively participates in the activities of the CCMM, the RFAQ, the AQT and the RéseauAction TI.

She has also given several sessions at conferences, including topics such as the IT labour shortage, and best practices in recruitment or attracting talent at Lavery, Stratégies PME and MTL Connect.

You can find Anne-Marie at:




In 2008, Kristine took an AmeriCorps job running a meal program for unhoused young people.

Almost 50 hungry youth arrived on Kristine’s first night. What happened next was terrifying for

a young, small town white woman. Her purse went missing, there were fights and screaming

guests. Kristine vowed to never return. But then something unexpected happened. A 17-year-

old guest instantly turned the chaos into quiet, polite behavior with a single phrase. This began

Kristine’s journey of learning from those she served, people living in constant threat and

conflict. Through their mentoring and hundreds of incidents, she began to see conflict as a

place to deepen a connection and counter social inequity.

Kristine has since trained thousands of people how to respond not react, lean in and not lash

out. She particularly enjoys working with women who are naturally skilled at de-escalation

after they debunk the false narratives around gender roles. In her free time, she hangs out with

her backyard ducks and sculpts scrap metal.

To learn more about Kristine’s mission to create “conflict resolutionaries” wherever she goes,


For the past 16 years, in her role as a Trainer, Facilitator and Speaker, Tisha Reid has worked with companies across numerous industries  and with people from all over the world, to grow and develop their employees professionally and personally. Through those experiences, and her passion to see people grow into leaders, she decided to start her own training company; REID Training Group. Using  her gifts as a storyteller, she expertly weaves in relatable experiences and life lessons to connect and engage with her audience while delivering informative and impactful learning through the use of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to inspire and motivate others. She  is also the founder of Building Tomorrow's Leaders, Today, a six-week program that provides the youth and young adults of today with the skills and competencies needed to thrive and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

A strong believer in training as a foundation for setting people up for success, Reid loves adding value to others and works within a Servant  Leadership mindset. Reid has used her facilitation and development skills to help past clients such as The East Scarborough Storefront, The Scarborough Hub, the Working Women Community Centre, TD Bank, and Clarins Canada and has worked as a Trainer/Facilitator  at Carnival Cruise Line, Canada Post, Johnson Controls, and Elections Ontario.

Reid graduated from Seneca’s Adult Education - Staff Training and Development program with High Honours and has also served on the board  of directors for the non-profit Black Business and Professional Association as a vice-chair.

When she’s not training people for success, you can find her cooking, travelling, and shopping!

You can find Tisha here:


Catherine Schoendorff is a seasoned senior executive and CEO with 25+ years of experience in successfully pivoting multiple businesses in different industries. She stepped down from her Swiss CEO role at Mercer to pursue her business doctorate, besides teaching digital business transformation. She works with business owners to scale their businesses with an x-factor approach. Her mission though is to coach corporate women to access senior careers as well as achieve remarkable business transformations. Her Website:

Sonia Lewis co-founded ASCRIBE Educational Consulting on February 13, 2009, while sitting in a booth at Stage Coach Restaurant in Sacramento, CA, while having birthday brunch with a friend. They wrote a mission and vision statement on napkins. Sonia channelled how supported she felt at age 7 when she daringly challenged liberty and justice for all. Core to her dream for ASCRIBE was to lean on equity and resources for the most marginalized in the community. A former high school Social Studies teacher and Program Director, Sonia took a leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship. She is a visionary and isn't willing to accept the norm, as the standard we are forced to accept. Sonia has been described as fearless and unflinching; driven by the integrity of hard work; a dreamer and problem solver; and a bully to the bullies with power and influence. 

You can find Sonia at:

FB/IG: @ASCRIBEsuccess

Twitter: @AscribeEd

Terre Short is a human potential developer who has more than 30 years of leadership experience, a Master’s in Business Administration/Healthcare Management, and her Professional Coach Certification (PCC). Terre excels at distilling leadership skills into actionable steps, including precisely choosing the right words to influence and inspire others. She coaches leaders of Fortune 500 Companies on how to look inward and embrace inner wisdom to excel outwardly and overcome challenges. She leans on the content in her book: The Words We Choose: Your Guide to How and Why Words Matter in helping others become their best selves. Through stories and examples, she humorously leads listeners to own their “Personal Podcast” or inner narrative. She speaks on a wide array of topics that all lead to bringing out brilliance – of oneself and those around them. She has been interviewed for various mediums including Fast Company and NPR and her book was a 2020 American BookFest Finalist and won the Bugbee Falk Book Award.

Her Socials:

Marilyn Gilbert-Mitchell, MA, MEd, MEd  Marilyn Gilbert-Mitchell, a 23-year educator, believes all students can pursue education beyond high school.  Though many may not attend college, they all need preparation for productive and positive lives. As founder of MGM College Services LLC, she provides college and career planning services for 7th-12th grade students and families.   Since focusing on college planning, Marilyn Gilbert-Mitchell has directly assisted 250+ students in securing 1,200+ college acceptances and over $16.4 million in confirmed scholarships.  She expands college knowledge and resources in visits and has toured over 200 campuses.  Her life's missions are helping students WIN with college and supporting families through these and other transitions.   Gilbert-Mitchell embeds skills and experiences acquired during 30+ years in corporate, college, cultural, community, and high school arenas. Her background is strengthened by a bachelor’s degree in English; three master’s degrees; certified in College Admissions Counseling; and as an Illinois licensed educator. As a serial learner, she is always growing and sharing her expanded knowledge with others.   “With proper planning, college is more than possible.”

Robin Rosenberg, Ph.D., is CEO and Founder of Live in Their World, a company that uses, in part, virtual reality to address issues of bias and incivility in the workplace and upskill all employees, as well as leaders in particular, for respectful engagement. She is a clinical psychologist, and prior to starting her company, she had executive coaching and psychotherapy practices, wrote college textbooks, and taught psychology classes at Harvard University and Lesley University. She's combined her interest in immersive technologies with her coaching and clinical experiences to foster in employees a deeper understanding of how and why other people may feel slighted or marginalized, and how to approach such interactions differently.

Her website: 

Download her free e-book:  

Anastasia Vladychynska is a Certified Customer Experience Consultant, founder of Vladychynska Consulting, and professor at Kyiv Mohyla Business School. She helps top-tier brands keep their customers through reinventing their employee and customer experience so that they can disrupt their industries. Anastasia has worked with McDonald's, MaxMara, KENZO, BNP Paribas bank, Jabil (Fortune 500) and others with her simple system to revolutionize their company’s customer and employee experience. Her methodology covers everything from strategy to culture to help them through their company service transformations. Anastasia’s customers generate an average of 20-30% more profit after implementing her simple methodology. 

Today, Anastasia is helping her 100 girlfriends who (like her) had to flee Ukraine and are stranded now in Europe without accommodation, jobs and support. 

If you'd like to help Anastasia and the women that she's supporting, please register for one of her fantastic webinars at: 

Or, visit her Facebook page:  

Her Linkedin:  

Her Youtube: 

Lizabeth Wesely-Casella is the Founder and CEO of L-12 Services; a Washington DC firm focused on internal communications and organizational development.  She works with businesses to improve workflow, processes, and culture by leveraging the institutional knowledge of existing team members.  She is a skilled strategic advisor specializing in attrition mitigation, workflow management, process improvement, and culture.  Lizabeth has over 20 years of experience as an administrator and policy and programming consultant. Her work has contributed to successful project outcomes in federal health policy, international program development, and non-profit/association management.

Take her Attrition Prevention Quiz:

Her Linkedin:

Her Website:


Lori Saitz is the CEO of Zen Rabbit and host of the podcast “FINE is a 4-Letter Word.” She’s an award-winning writer, speaker, and broadcaster. And a nationally recognized expert in using gratitude and meditation as shortcuts to success.  The most difficult thing she’s ever done is leave a 22-year marriage. That experience inspired her transformational F*ck Being Fine program. Through it, she guides corporate teams and private clients who are finished living in a dumpster fire, to a place of unprecedented clarity, peace, and productivity.  When she's not working, you can find Lori in her sanctuary, aka the weight room at the gym. She also loves cupcakes, Thai food and classic rock music.

You can find Lori at:




Jocquice "Jae" Spikes is the founder of WiseHAT Consulting, a company that empowers women leaders who feel stuck and burned out in their careers, to find their voice and take back control to excel and generate real opportunities. She is the founder of the Humbitious Woman Academy, a virtual program designed to help women rebuild and take ownership of their careers.  This 23+ year corporate leader is well known for being tenacious and passionate about helping women be bold and embrace their true selves. Jae is a recipient of the Career Communications Women of Color STEM Technology Rising Star Award for her outstanding professional achievements. She uses her training and experience to lead women to succeed by teaching them how to change their HAT (Habits, Associations, and Thoughts), to enhance their career.

Jocquie's new book - Humbitious Woman - How to Self Promote in the Workplace Without Feeling Like Your Bragging. 

Her podcast -   

Get a complimentary Discovery Call -   

Our favourite menopause warrior is back to talk all about menopause at work! Teresa Isabel Dias is a pharmacist with 25 years of professional experience. She’s in post menopause now but during her perimenopause, her mood swings were so intense her son asked her if she was bipolar. She became a Menopause Practitioner (NCMP) certified by the North American Menopause Society and founded MenopausED, a virtual women’s health practice, to help women navigate the stages of menopause and live a vibrant and productive life. Teresa is breaking the last health taboo in the workplace - menopause. She’s delivered education and training to the Universities of Waterloo, Toronto, and Brock, Maple Leaf Foods, Stantec, and other major employers. 

You can find Teresa here: 


Lara is a mum, entrepreneur, NeuroLeadership coach, fitness coach & head of community for Shine 4women. In this episode, we talked about women's health, our amazing "kit" and the power of women in midlife. You can find Lara at 

Cheryl Cooper is an accomplished IT professional and small business owner with 20+ years of experience in IT management consulting, leadership, coaching, performing ERP system implementations (worldwide) and entrepreneurship. Cheryl is known for her ability to:

Act as a liaison between stakeholders, leadership and technical teams. Transform critical business processes into easy-to-implement strategies. Be a gifted listener who has a knack for visualizing business concepts and turning them into beautiful websites and or online courses. Coach, collaborator and mentor women.

Cheryl is passionate about women’s empowerment and currently focuses on helping others:

Design thriving online businesses, equipping them with simple to implement strategies, high      performing easy to use online website design, course creation and podcasting      systems (ie Kajabi, Blooprinted) Embrace successful lifestyles by incorporating consistent mindfulness, self-care/self-love and well-being practices.

Cheryl lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with her family where she practices Qigong, loves taking long walks in nature, cooking delicious gluten-free meals paired with amazing wine and hosts Women’s Empowerment events quarterly.

*episode note: To clarify, a billion women are in perimenopausal age and beyond (not all are actively in the menopausal transition)

Denise La’Salle brings over 20 years of experience as a Human Resources Executive and is a true mastermind for teaching others to understand the critical importance of goal setting. She is the founder and CEO of Do Better, Goal Getter, which she created to help business women take their dreams and turn them into goals to fulfil their life's purpose. She is insightful, empathetic, and, most importantly, deeply concerned about the growth and success of the women around her. If you find yourself feeling stuck, unfulfilled, limited, and are ready to tap into your full potential, Denise is available to keep you motivated and relentless towards attaining success. You can contact Denise at [email protected]

Denise currently has an ebook out called the "3 Simple Principles to Goal Setting" and if you enter the code "Age Sister" you can purchase it for 50% off. 

This season I’m talking all about the issues facing midlife and older women in the workplace. According to recent research, the biggest employee loss threat to companies in 2022 is the departure of female mid-level managers (most of whom are in midlife and beyond). Only 68% of women recently surveyed plan to stay in their current roles – a drop of 22 points in only one year. C-suite women are leaving at the highest rate of all. Organizations with many midlife female leaders, or those who are trying to fill the growing employee shortage, should take notice. Join me and my guests this season as we explore what it takes to help women thrive at work.