You choose the change, we'll teach you the habit.

Is there something you want to try to change in your health that you haven't been able to do on your own? On June 1, 2020, the Age Sisters are taking on a five-day healthy habit challenge exclusively for women 50+. 


Work on better eating habits, regular exercise, stress reduction, or any other habit of your choice.

You'll get

  • daily emails
  • worksheets
  • instructional videos
  • a supportive, private Facebook group

You also get expert guidance from our founder and Age Sister Coach, Kate Milne.

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Have long-term success

Discover the best way (supported by research) to make your healthy habits stick.

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Learn the proven process

Learn the four-step process that is the secret to maintaining your healthy lifestyle all year.

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Make simple changes

 see how to make simple, painless changes that will integrate seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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