# 8 - Inner transformations

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Age Sister Podcast
Episode #8 - Inner transformations

In this week's episode:

A talk with Elizabeth Sanchez

Elizabeth's Sanchez is the CEO & Founder of the Magnificent Mamas Collective. Her true passion is to inspire, empower and encourage women to live a life they love. For over 28 years she has enjoyed seeing life transformations with individuals seeking inner peace, confidence, health, and wellness. As a holistic life coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Business Consultant Elizabeth helps individuals identify the best tools and techniques to unlock the life they most desire.  She offers her private clients and members of the Magnificent Mamas Collective the tools to implement into everyday lives to attract great experiences, build strong healthy relationships, find more joy, health, and happiness with a renewed passion for life by shifting the focus on desires rather than on what they don't want.

About the show

The Age Sister Podcast is where Kate talks with an eclectic mix of guests about issues related to being a woman in midlife.

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