# 3 - The menopausal expat

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Age Sister Podcast
Episode #3 - The menopausal expat

In this week's episode:

A talk with Jane Ordaz Stubbs

Jane is British married to a Mexican living in Mexico. She is also proudly menopausal. A qualified Coach and Mentor with 30+ years of supporting others to fulfil their potential, and an Intercultural Dialogue Facilitator. She's spent many years working in the UK in the arts and not for profit sector, in roles that enabled her to support marginalised and underrepresented groups to get a seat at the table. In 2020 she founded The Menopausal Expat to support women living an international life with menopause. She's all about finding the "thing" that rocks your boat and creating this next phase of your life as one to be the best you can. You can find more about Jane’s work at:

About the show

The Age Sister Podcast is where Kate talks with an eclectic mix of guests about issues related to being a woman in midlife.

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