# 1 - Happy, healthy sober

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Age Sister Podcast
Episode #1 - Happy, healthy sober

In this week's episode:

A talk with Janey Lee Grace

Janey is a BBC radio presenter, author of five books including most recently, Happy Healthy Sober - Ditch the Booze and Take Control of Your Life. She runs The Sober Club, a community for the sober and sober curious focusing on optimum health and wellbeing. Janey is over three years sober which she talks about in her TEDx talk, Sobriety Rocks - Who Knew! I talk with Janey about a non-judgemental approach to challenging your relationship with alcohol, the link with anxiety and depression, and why it's best not to wait till you're at rock bottom to ditch the booze and live your best life. You can find out more about Janey’s work at

About the show

The Age Sister Podcast is where Kate talks with an eclectic mix of guests about issues related to being a woman in midlife.

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