How I've spent the past three decades getting ready to help you.

As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, I have devoted my entire career to helping people improve their health. In fact, I started working in healthy living almost thirty years ago!
For the past 15 years, I've worked exclusively with older adults. Age Sister is a culmination of my research, teaching, and work to help women like you get stronger, feel more confident, and stay in control of their health as you get older.
It’s time we redefined what it means to be a 50+ woman. I can help you go from feeling like you don't recognize your body anymore to feeling stronger, confident, and in charge of your aging.
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Your sister in health,


Kate Milne, Founder

My approach

I love human movement. I want to help you to feel strong and capable in your body, regardless of your age or current level of function. I also believe that anyone can improve their health and feel better about themselves with the right support.

My promise

I’m not interested in body-shaming, bullying tactics, or following the latest trends. I care about you being able to feel capable and confident to carry out changes to best improve your own health.

My details

My certifications include: Masters of Science (Exercise Physiology), Masters of Health Studies, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Certified Balance and Mobility Specialist, American College of Sports Medicine, Exercise is Medicine – Level II, and over 15 years working in healthy aging.


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