Join the Five-Day Move, Lift, and Balance Challenge on April 12th.

If you need a way to restart your fitness program after months of inactivity, this five-day challenge was made for just you.

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Does this sound like you?

  • lockdown and socially isolating have taken away your drive to exercise
  • you've spent long periods of time sitting and you feel more stiff and sore than ever before
  • the idea of starting to exercise again feels overwhelming

What will I learn inside the challenge?

This program delivered by email, live interactive video sessions, and a supportive private Facebook group, is designed to give you the kickstart that you need to get back to your healthy life. Here's what you'll learn:

Just start to move

We'll start with the basics to just get you moving more. No heavy cardio or gym required.

Add strength

Once you're moving, you'll learn about the importance of strength for women in mid-life and how to integrate some basic exercises into your day.

Integrate balance

Most women don't think about their balance, but it's key to staying active and mobile in midlife. You'll learn simple balance exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Here's a day-by-day overview:

Day 1

➔ We'll focus on the importance of basic daily movement.

➔ Together, we'll talk about ways to break up sitting time and to just start to get your body in motion.

Day 2:

➔ We'll talk about more structured activity, and how to fit that into your schedule again.

➔ We'll brainstorm ways that you can add in a regular exercise session that works in your schedule.

Day 3:

➔ We'll talk about the important areas that you need to focus on when building strength.

➔ I'll give you some ideas for easy strength exercises that you can incorporate into your day.

Day 4:

➔ We'll cover the basics of balance training and why adding in balance exercises is the key to building your confidence.

➔ I'll teach you ways that you can integrate balance exercises into other daily activities.

Day 5:

➔ We'll put it all together and talk about how you can keep the momentum going to stay active.

I'm Kate Milne, Your Coach for the Challenge

As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, I'm here to teach you safe and effective ways that you can get back to moving more, building some strength, and improving your balance after this year in lockdown. No gym required! 

Will you join us?

The challenge begins on April 12th, 2021.

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Will you join us?

The challenge begins on April 12, 2021.

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